Nature is as diverse as we are. Our places, our rules, our way. They say Britain is divided, we say nah. We are a united nation behind a desire to make sure nature is better protected tomorrow than today. It’s #InOurNature. 


RSPB wanted to build publicsupportfor a pro-nature Brexit using creative digital campaigning around an online action through which members of the public can ask their MPs to ensure that the Great Repeal Bill maintains existing EU environmental protections. With an unbranded movement, connected those with a vested or latent interest in nature with the reasons they should engage with the debate surrounding the Great Repeal Bill, recruiting 'Nature Revolutionaries', the influencers, to increase the reach of the campaign and diversify its voice and establish a network of engaged partners who can create and share campaign content, ultimately influencing Brexit negotiations. 


‘Brexit’ had become a dirty word for some; people switch off and avoid the topic, but we needed to encourage conversations and action from the public surrounding Brexit.


We also had to keep a consistently neutral voice and approach throughout the campaign in order to engage people from all backgrounds (no matter how they voted in the EU referendum). 


  • All KPI metrics were hit, and many exceeded by more than double.

  • Social media engagements in particular exceeded our target by more than five times the amount. 

  • An impressive 4% average social media engagement rate across the channels.

  • Members of the public got involved in our Political Day of Action by tweeting their local MP’s asking for the protection of our nature using our campaign hashtag.

  • MP’s also got involved in our Day of Action by tweeting photos of themselves with #InOurNature branded creative outside in nature. 



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