Lessons from Lush

February 12, 2018


Transparency, innovation, creativity…just a few things we’re totally in awe of at Lush.


We first met Lush Digital on a panel at SEED Festival last year to discuss ways of creating a sustainable future. We loved their ethos, so jumped at their invitation to visit the brilliant brains behind the Digital team at their Poole HQ to find out more about them.  


In 20 years, Lush have built their global business which now boasts over 900 shops in 50 countries – making them one of the strongest and most ethical cosmetic leaders. They’re fresh, honest and real with an ethos most companies could only dream of. Unlike a lot of brands of their scale, these guys walk the walk.


As a small business still in our first year of launching, we massively respect companies that have grown without losing sight of their values. With If Not Now, we want to build a happy and healthy company - where the team enjoys being here, feels valued and goes home each day excited by their work and the impact it has on the world.



So, what do we admire most about Lush? Here's 4 key take-outs from our visit:




As soon as we arrived, we were blown away by the atmosphere and their office/work culture. Everyone was just so bloody nice. And being nice is seriously underrated in business. What’s particularly impressive is that it felt 100% genuine – not something you see often.




We don’t mean this in just a sense of scale, turnover, the number of countries reached etc. (which is rather self-evident), but in terms of how they aim to make an impact on the world, tackle some of the biggest issues we face and do so in a way that supports others to do the same. One might see Lush as just another global retail chain but when you look at the level of care taken to be a force for good in the world, you find something quite unusual. Lush recognises the successful and privileged position they find themselves in and are taking full responsibility for ensuring that this benefits society rather than being another drain on it as so many other large companies are.




Cliché and a bit predictable we know, but the creativity of the organisation really came through. Looking at their cosmetic shops, products and campaigns, this is obvious to anyone perhaps, but what we found interesting through talking to Adam Goswell and Nadia Islam (Digital team) was the way in which this creativity seemed to apply to every single facet of the organisation, from how their offices are arranged, how their team was structured to how they overcame problems that arose.




Something we knew very little about Lush before visiting them; they’re absolutely committed to being open and honest about how they work and adopting and supporting open-source information and tech. From the till system they’ve developed and made available to the world, to the way in which they choose to use products and services that share this ethos.



Ultimately, what came across is that they’re not trying to be like any other company. They are proudly unique and defiantly unconventional and this is allowing them to do some truly astounding things. 


It’s amazing what can be achieved when the ‘bottom-line’ isn’t your main focus. 


We're off to the Lush Summit in London this week where we'll be sitting in on a hotbed of discussion, debate, activism and action, from campaigners and grassroots voices across the globe. Jealous? Don't be - we'll be updating our Instagram and Twitter with our highlights from the event so make sure you're following us, and keep an eye out for next blog post which will be covering the event.



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