#LoveYourIsland - 60% say they would continue to date a climate denier

August 30, 2018

Whether you were glued to the show from day one or did your best to avoid a single episode, with average viewing figures of three million, you can’t deny that Love Island is now a big part of the British summer for younger audiences. Adya Rana, our Guest Writer from My Green Pod wanted to find out just how highly this audience ranks environmental values and climate change awareness in their immediate consciousness and lifestyle. By launching a new campaign, #LoveYourIsland, Adya ran online surveys to get some interesting answers, and the results may surprise you... 


This summer the British public has enjoyed watching yet another fun-and-sun-loving group of

twenty-somethings find love and happiness under the Spanish sun on the idyllic island of




But what viewers and islanders may not have known is that Mallorca has also proven itself this

year to be an example to all romantic island destinations by showing its love and respect for the

planet and future generations; banning all plastic on its beaches to be plastic-free by 2020. The

Mallorcan government and its locals understand how important looking after the environment is to

their current and future ecosystem. People really care about the preservation of their coastlines.


So we thought it would be interesting to investigate how much of passion for the planet is

prevalent back home in the U.K. Our own island does, after all, also boast many of its own

beautiful beaches, fields and forests. But how highly do we value them?


On the surface, our #LoveYourIsland questionnaires were light-hearted and playful, asking

respondents whether they would stop dating someone if they didn’t believe in climate change,

and whether it would be a turn-off if their date didn’t recycle. To us, ever-conscious of the

devastating impact of deforestation and consequential climate change already affecting

communities, with some of the hottest temperatures on record this summer, the answers are no-brainers.


If every day, in every country, thousands are catching water-borne diseases from floods, incurring

droughts, and suffering food shortages as a result of climate change, how can we casually look

past a date saying they don’t believe in climate change, or that they don’t mind not recycling?

And yet 60% of our respondents said they would continue to date a climate denier, with

43% stating that they wouldn’t be turned off if their date didn’t recycle.





These results reveal that many people still have a long way to go in integrating climate change

awareness into their immediate consciousness and lifestyle. And this lack of consciousness

needs to be addressed if we are to successfully meet the rate of environmental change that is

urgently required. Because if left unaddressed, not being able to tune in at 9pm to watch future

Jacks and Danis fall in love due to hurricane and flood-induced power-cuts could soon not be too

far-fetched a scenario.


Thankfully, shaping a community’s values by encouraging behavioural change is very much

possible. There are ten basic values common to all humans: universalism, benevolence,

conformity & tradition, security, power, achievement, hedonism, stimulation and self-direction.

And as highlighted by renowned sustainable economist Kate Raworth in her bestseller Doughnut

Economics, “just like muscles - the more often any one value is engaged, the stronger it

becomes.” So here’s to stimulating the universalism, benevolence, power and self-direction to

nurture islands, countries, entire continents of thoughtful, environmentally-conscious individuals

who are green in all aspects of their lives. Here’s to passionately promoting green lifestyles, for a

long, (earth-)loving and happy future together.




Would you continue to date a climate-denier?

100 respondents


60% yes

40% no


Would be turned off if their date didn’t recycle?

100 respondents


57% yes

43% no


We still have a long way to go, but bringing climate change higher up in your list of values in all aspects of life, given it is so important, can be easier than you think. And why not start with the products that you buy? Check out the products page of MyGreenPod which enable green living in different aspects of our lifestyle, and give Adya Rana, My Green Pod and Kate Raworth a follow on Twitter.


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