Values: The Reason We Even Exist

October 30, 2017


Hello, this is Sean, one of three co-founders and directors of If Not Now Digital. It is with great pleasure that I bring you promising news today from our headquarters in Bristol, all to do with values. 


On 19th October 2017, World Values Day was celebrated for a second year in a row, doubling its impact compared to the previous year. On the day itself, the hashtag #worldvaluesday was shared by 6,000 accounts, 9,000 times, in 99 countries. And that was just on Twitter alone.


Meanwhile the campaign reached accounts over half a million times from World Values Day channels, spreading the message of the importance of values and getting people across the globe to think about and act on their core values.


Why am I telling you this? You may have already guessed. If Not Now are proud to be the team that has helped catapult this campaign to its latest successes. With the World Values Day branding vibrant and professional, of specialist interest but also with mass appeal, it has been a real pleasure helping the project unleash its potential and spread its message.


We’ve worked on all aspects of this online campaign in 2016 and 2017 – we've advised on core digital concepts, provided outreach, helped to make best use of key influencers, posted content, amended the website, and so on. 


Values – More Than Just A Project



But there’s more to it for us than paying the bills. Every client we work with is close to our hearts and aligns with our values. The main drive in our founding of If Not Now digital was to increase the reach and influence of environmentally, socially and creatively conscious projects – or as we like to call it, Digital Marketing with a Conscience.


So, being about values in itself, World Values Day is a biggie for us. Being so excited to work on it in 2016, we used the World Values Day Values Guide and Values Challenge as an opportunity to kickstart a process to find our own core values and ensure we act on them in whatever we do. This acted as a pre-cursor to establishing our own branding and sense of purpose at If Not Now, which was achieved with assistance from the awesome folks at Wonderland Comms.


We hope that most of these values speak for themselves, but I’ve added a little explanation from myself too. Our five core organisational values are:


Collaboration: We work best in teams, both within our company and through partnering with other organisations to maximise impact. We know we can do a fantastic job ourselves, but maximum impact comes through sticking to specialisms and instead working with others, throwing ideas around in groups and using collective experience to share knowledge. What’s more, working with people we love is just really fun!


Integrity: The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. This is us through and through and we hope it speaks for itself. If we could tell you the amount of projects we turn down for not aligning with our values…


Vibrancy: This one’s really contributed to our brand design and visual presence. We want to stay positive and upbeat in the work we do; because we believe the world we live in holds so much potential, and it’s up to us as individuals and a collective to make it that way. Empowering!


Quality: This is the one that I am personally cautious of, as I am sure you’ll see it enshrined in corporate corporate boardrooms across the world. However, in combination with our other core values, the idea of quality suddenly looks and feels very different (you could say it takes on a different quality, but we would never make such puns at If Not Now..) It’s not just about providing the best service we can, but the way in which we do it – ensuring we uphold our values every step of the way.


Passion: This is definitely one value we already simply have instead of something we strive to have! Anything you do day in and day out can easily lose its “shine”, but with a passion for the job at hand and the clients we work for, all we need is a reminder of this every now and then to know that we are an unstoppable force.



Disclaimer: It's Not Always Sunshines and Rainbows - and That's OK


My fellow directors Chris and Hanna will be the first to tell you that I have long been a sceptic of speaking to the world about organisation values, and that I am often cynical of companies that do this! But it’s not the values that turn me off as an individual, it’s the incessant failure to deliver on them.


And it’s true, not every moment of a person’s or organisation’s life will be a rosy picture where all values are being lived simultaneously and in full. Let’s be honest, that’s impossible. There will be bad days, there will be good. But I’ve come to learn of late that it is the practice of thinking about, feeling and acting on values that separates inspirational people and organisations from run-of-the-mill, stale corporate moodboards. And an unrelenting effort to put values first and foremost, even over, dare I say it, fame or fortune.


So with all that said, I hope whatever experience you have of us, as a client, a partner or friend, you feel that our values are something we are practising on, improving on and living the best we can every day. Think we can do better? We'd love to hear about it. 


Further Resources


- Values are for life, not just for World Values Day! Check out the Values Challenge now, whether you are an individual or organisation. There are specific values challenges for schools and community groups too!


- The next World Values Day is October 18th 2018 - sign up to the World Values Day newsletter so you don't miss it!


- Check out Wonderland Comms, who helped get our brand identity going. They're aligned with our values too, and work on all manner of fantastic things. 


Sean is one of three directors and co-founders of If Not Now Digital. Find him on LinkedIn or follow him @TheSeanBuchan on Twitter.

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